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Advantages of Vacation Membership Club

Aug 21, 2018 | Blog

Nowadays, when everything is so expensive, going on a holiday too can drill a hole in your pocket. Become a member of the vacation membership club and have the best time of your life while on vacation with the best amenities and services at affordable prices.

A Vacation Membership Club is a group of people who share the right to access a diverse group of vacation properties, which could be holiday destinations in India or vacation houses in India. True Vacation Clubs typically offer “right to access,” and not ownership of the said property.

It simply means that you can rent a vacation home or vacation property at any time of the year with all the basic and luxurious amenities and services at affordable prices when compared to accommodation and stay at expensive hotels.

Advantages of Vacation Membership Clubs: Having the membership of a Vacation Membership Clubs is very beneficial. Some of those benefits are listed below.

  • A large variety and diversity of destinations and residences types in India (resort and stand-alone).
  • Access to travel throughout the year (not locked into specific week or weeks).
  • Availability of high end, and posh private residences including larger 4 to 6 bedroom ones, that you could not originally get otherwise.
  • Choose to spend your holidays in holiday destinations in India that offer affordable vacation experiences for your whole family even if tariff for hotel rooms keep increasing. This means more money is saved leading to more vacations in the future.
  • Plan your vacation before and during your stay with customized concierge service offering to do it for you.
  • Enjoy services like spa service, transportation service, laundry service, and driver’s lounge.
  • Enjoy your vacation with your family and friends and relax. Members are taken care of once they decide to have a vacation. Hassle-free booking services are offered, flexible accommodation plans, and sincere and heartfelt services reflect our desire to give you the best vacation every time you come.
  • Accommodations are usually larger than individual hotel/resort accommodations along with kitchen facilities; many are in excellent locations.
  • The annual occupancy charges will be a lot less when compared to hotel/resort accommodations.
  • Personal benefits or extra benefits are also provided to members.

Right from the word go vacation membership club will take care of all your booking to travel needs. Right from when you make a decision to go on a vacation to zeroing on the destination, booking travel, accommodation, everything is taken care of. You are hooked up with better accommodation for a reasonable price. You can just relax and chill and have a good time with your family.

Vacation Membership Club transports its members to a whole new lifestyle, which is filled with fun, flexible and soothing – exactly what a real vacation or family holiday should really be and mean for a family. Because a vacation enjoyed with the whole family for the best value is the best experience ever.